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  1. Casino Policy
  2. Layout and languages
  3. Game offers
  4. Live casino
  5. Mobile gambling
  6. Bonuses
  7. Deposits and withdrawals
  8. Customer support
  9. Responsible Gaming
  10. Privacy policy
  11. Safety
  12. Restricted countries
  13. Conclusion

It may seem that there is nothing new that a fresh casino would bring to the world of gambling. However, ojo casino managed to change that. Being one of the new casinos, they proved that they could not only attract the users but also keep them, all due to the unusual reward policy. We are going to dwell upon it as we proceed with the review.

The casino hit the stage only a couple of years ago, in 2017 to be more precise. Starting with the launching date, the number of customers who prefer this particular casino only grows. What is magic trick that the developers have hidden up their sleeve? Is that the variety of slots to pick from? A bonus system? Well, read on if you are curious and wish to learn more as well as to find a new place to gamble!

Casino policy

Ojocasino is often called a casino that makes a difference. The main reason for that is that the online casino introduces such a novelty as a cash-back reward that can be redeemed. The rule applies to all the bets that a user places on a single slot machine spin. What is more, as the casino states itself, they have no interest in any games behinds the scenes, so that a player does not need to be afraid of some tricks hidden somewhere in the depth of Terms and Conditions page.

Let’s have a closer look at what the casino has to offer. To begin with, playojo.com claims to pay the players back. However, it is not like you get the casino’s money for free. What they actually pay you is the tiny percentage from every bet. So, basically, you get your money back while enjoying the gamble. Of course, the sums that are paid back are small, but as they pile up the amount can get significant enough for a player to cash it out.

Where does the payback percentage come from?

If you are new to the world of gambling, the abbreviation RTP may mean nothing for you, but experienced users know that it stands for Return to Player phrase. This particular casino operates in such a way that the rounded up RTP is where your cashback comes from. The casino runners pay their customers the difference between the RTP that is rounded up and the actual RTP. This means that no matter your progress, you will always get something back as a reward.

As you may have already guessed that it is a unique approach introduced by the online casino and users from all over the globe tend to appreciate it.

One more thing, before you rush to give the casino a spin, you should be a 100% sure that your country is not on the Restricted countries list.

Layout and languages

Just like the unusual approach towards modern gambling, so the layout that the casino comes with resembles something entirely different. However, it would be a lie if we said that there was any lack of brightness, order, or information provided. The casino is highly informative and modern-looking. Even an inexperienced user would be able to handle it in a matter of few minutes.

The main version of the casino is provided in English. There is no wonder why since many players all over the world use English to gamble. However, unlike many other casinos which stick to the main language only, you can select from

  • English
  • German
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian

We say that it is a nice and thoughtful addition that shows the casino from a positive angle.

Game offers

ojocasino has the widest ranges of slots not to mention other games to offer, and we are not trying to exaggerate here. It is said that more over 3000 games are available in the casino.

These are not some random and unknown games that playojo.com offers. The fact is that the taken casino provides only high-quality entertainment games from the most profound gaming software developers on the market, we say NetEnt and NextGen.

All the games are listed into five categories:

  • Slots play
  • Live casino
  • Roulette Play
  • Card Play
  • Blackjack
  • Jackpot Play

All the game names are easy to guess so that it does not take a genius to pick the category you need. In case, you are unsure as for where to search the game; you can opt for the search bar which is also available. Besides, you can select the view mode option that fits you most; there are three view modes you can select from.

To sum it up, it is safe to say that casino creators made sure that any player can find something appealing in the casino, be it fun slots, exciting roulette, thrilling live casino game or even promising jackpot. Besides, there is no need to download annoying software, so that you can enjoy your favorite games, playing them in the browser.

Live casino

Just like many other casinos that are available online, casino ojo offers its customers the ability to take part in real, live casino games. You may say that there is nothing special about that since most online casinos do the same. However, Play Ojo casino not only provides the users with a Live Casino option but also includes the most requested games in the category. The two known software giants on the market: NetEnt and also Evolution Gaming provide multiple tables to give a try to. Whether blackjack or baccarat or even roulette is your game of interest, the casino has it covered for you!

Mobile gambling

A wide variety of casinos available online these days are trying to modernize their services and often try to optimize the mobile experience provided. However, Ojo is ahead of most. The main reason why the casino is better-suited to mobile devices is that it has been developed only a couple of years ago while the mobile phones and tablets have been all the rage.

When coming up with the casino, its developers made everything that was possible to provide the user with a slick and modern mobile version of the casino. There is no need to download some third-party app or software or anything of the kind. All you should do is to login into your account using your portable device and enjoy the gamble on the go.

What is more, another distinctive feature that stands out when we review the mobile version of the casino is that there is a particular list of games that are fit for portable devices most.

It is safe to say that Play Ojo not only appreciates mobile gambling but have tried their best to make the mobile gambling experience the simplest and the most enjoyable.

OJO Wheel

No deposit bonuses are suggested by the casino. One of them is called an OJO Wheel. Regular visitors simply adore the bonus. As you level up, you are granted a free spin from the Wheel. You can win various combos of free spins while spinning the wheel. The number of spins varies between 5 and 80. Apart from leveling up, the casino may entitle you with a spin of the Wheel randomly, which is surely a pleasant surprise. Again, all that you make from spinning the Wheel or using the won free spins are yours to either spend in the casino or cash the winning out without any wagering involved.

OJO Kickers

Are you ready for another unique bonus from ojocasino? Because they are ready to grant it to the regular and loyal gamblers. If you are a long-term service user, you can expect a daily personal bonus from the casino. Judging by your activity, the system comes up with a certain Kicker, in the form of a free spin, a lottery ticket or any other delicious promotion that is usually highly appreciated and valued by regular players.

OJO Reel Spinoff

A reel spinoff is a kind of a daily tournament you can take part in and win no more nor less but thousands of free spins. Surely, such a prize is worth coming back daily, don’t you think? Besides, any amount won through Reel Spinoff can be cashed out as usual, without any wagering.

Deposits and withdrawals

The variety of methods that a player can use to both withdraw and deposit money is incredibly wide. Either credit cards or e-wallet, even voucher payments are supported. What is more, there is an extensive list of currencies that the casino accepts, apart from regular euros, pounds, and dollars, you can also withdraw in Rubles, Kroners, Francs, etc.

It needs to be mentioned that there is a minimum and also a maximum deposit and withdrawal limit.

Min $10(or any other currency)

Max $ 10,000 (or any other currency) per transaction.

As you can see the minimum deposit limit is not that different from what other casinos have to offer, but the maximum withdrawal sum is significantly higher. Many of you may wonder how long it takes to receive the withdrawal. The fact is that it depends greatly upon the withdrawal method you use. Even though usually there are no withdrawal fees, you should better check it out depending upon the payment option you are going to use, to avoid unnecessary fees.

Many players are very reluctant to discover new gaming horizons since they are afraid of all possible types of fraud. So, Play Ojo ensured not only the safety of their own environment but also the security of users’ funds. The 2021 SSL encryption ensures that all your transactions, as well as personal information, are safe. What is more, often, the verification process should be passed. That is clearly a step up concerning the customer security.

Customer support

As you may have already noticed, throughout the review, the general impression builds up that casino ojo is a highly responsible and caring gaming service provider. Things do not change when you consider provided Customer support.

To begin with, it should be emphasized that there is a full chapter dedicated to the ways you can navigate and take part in the online gamble. If that is not enough, you can read through the FAQs stated.

When you figure out that only live assistance can help you resolve your issue, you can also reach out to the support team either via telephone, email, or live chat. However, you need to keep it in mind that in case you live in Canada, for instance, and the casino is run from England, the time difference may interfere since Online help is available from 6:00 am to 00:00 midnight.

Responsible Gaming

For most people, gaming is just a sort of entertainment; it is just what you do when you are bored and want to have some fun. However, there are many cases when gambling turns into a real issue for people. Some people may spend all the money by chasing the win or trying to cover up the losses. The Ojo team understands once it comes to that, there is a problem. That is why the casino does everything within its power to ensure responsible gaming.


What Ojo offers the users who think that there may be a gaming problem they face to register on the portal named GamStop. Once you do that you can neither gamble nor get any related material from any source that has a license in England.

Apart from that, the casino itself offers a set of limitations that can help a user recover and put up with the issue.


This is the section to get into after your login into the account created with the casino. It is created to help players cool off and take a little break from playing starting with 24 hours and extending up to a week.

Temporary suspension

There are cases when a week is not enough for you to deal with the problem successfully; that is why there is another, stricter option – Temporary suspension. What does that include? The limit option lets you put a block on your account for either 30, 60 or even 90 days.


The strictest of all would be the Self-Exclusion limit. Once you set it up, you are forbidden to get into the account you own for the least 180 days. When you successfully recover, you can apply for the recovery of your account. However, not sooner than after 180- days. That is the rule.

There are also other types of limitations that influence your deposits. For instance, you can set up a special deposit limit, which will allow you to stay safe when it comes to gambling. With such limit chosen, you can’t go over your daily or weekly or even monthly limit even if you would like to.

Another form of limitation which affects every player is the reality check which provides all the information as for the spent or received amount of money. If you see that you spend way too much, it is time you set some limitations or block your account for a while. What is more, once you add Reality check to your settings, it will appear every set period of time notifying you as for how long you have been playing. Such an approach helps users not to lost the track of time when they dive into the world of a gamble.

Another innovation introduced is a Self-Assessment test. By running the test, you can easily check whether gambling is an addiction or just entertainment for you. Such a test usually gives people the insight that hasn’t even expected because it is very hard to admit that you have an addiction until someone proves it to you.

Last but not least, the Ojo team themselves monitor players to spot an addictive one. Once they suspect that a player may have a gambling problem, they contact him or her immediately.

As you can see, the approach that this casino uses towards its customers can be actually called responsible gaming.

Privacy policy

The motto that Ojo casino comes up with is stating that they are a fair casino, in all aspects. That is why privacy policy is not an exception for them. The casino makes it clear that they have no intention to withdraw any information from their customers and they want the player to have a full understanding of every aspect of the play as well as of the casino itself.

What is more, all the workers at Ojo casino are supposed to take special courses concerning informational security.

So, how does it work?

On playojo.com, the privacy policy is more than promising, which indicates that the team respects your privacy and does its best to protect it. Besides, it is cleared out what kind of information the casino gathers and why they gather it. To begin with, it should be pointed out that there are two types of information collected:



It may be clear what Personal information stands for and what it includes. All the details concerning your personality that are provided by you are personal. While non-personal information is the information transmitted by the device you use, such information involves the data concerning the browser you use, the language, operating system on your device, domain name, etc.

However, it needs to be pointed out that both personal as wells as non-personal information is still treated as personal, so there is nothing you should worry about. When you think about it, it is essential as for where the casino may get information concerning you from, but also it matters what is done with it afterward.

If you worry that your personal data may be leaked to untrusted third-parties, the Ojo team ensures you that no such thing is possible and if something like that happens, they will take full responsibility.

The main reason why your personal information is gathered is to set up your account, provide the high-quality service, make sure that your wins are yours an so on.

As for how long is your information kept by the service, the time may vary depending upon the type of information. However, in most cases, as long as you remain the customer and use their services, your information will be kept.

User rights

You need not forget that every user has the legal rights to use. The Ojo casino claims that as a customer, you can:

  • Inquire about the information type the company holds concerning you
  • Access the information held at any time
  • Precise information in case some details are incorrect
  • Delete the information
  • Restrict information processing
  • Object to information processing


Knowing your rights is great, but apart from the casinos’ policy, there is something else you should pay attention to. The fact is that no matter how great the casino looks, it all goes down to nothing if playing in a casino is unsafe.

Play Ojo Casino has no issues connected with the poor quality since it is licensed by one of the best regulators known – UK Gambling Commission. So there is nothing to worry about here.

The same rule applies to banking partners. Ojo cooperates with such qualified partners as Paypal, and that means a lot.

Restricted countries

There is a number of restricted countries that this particular casino does not accept customers from. It is best you inquire about whether your country is on the list before you decide to give the casino a shot.


As we have already reached the end of our review, a short flashback is required. After researching the www.playojo.com, we have come to the understanding that it is the company that takes gambling to the whole new level. If you are a fan of all the innovations that take place in the sphere, then you will surely appreciate the effort.

Ojo Casino has introduced an innovative approach towards all the parts of the gambling process. Starting with the refusal from the good old welcome bonus and ending with transparent policy.

If you still prefer bonus codes, it is time you realize it is 2021 outside! No deposit bonuses rule and Play Ojo casino makes use of it. The never-ending kickers, reel spinoffs and other fun things that the casino provides lure more and more audience. Be it England or Canada, customers from many countries tend to give Play Ojo a try. There is no wonder why since apart from a whole share of fun, you can experience; you are completely safe in terms of your privacy as well as security.

It is time you forget about coupon codes and annoying wagering and give a modern casino a try!

Amy Rubin
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